Soft Drink and Juice

Wrap Carry Carton

Soft Drink and Juice

Made from corrugated or solid board, our wrap carry cartons are the ideal solution for your beverages. They enclose multiple bottles with full protection, while also displaying your company’s branding.

Our wrap carry cartons can also be used in promotional displays in supermarkets. With this carry solution, you can group up to six bottles, maximizing your sales, as our sturdy design makes it easier for customers to carry bottles away from the store.

To help promote your brand when products are on the shelf, our wrap carry cartons can be fully customized with high-resolution printing and different finishing techniques, such as UV varnishing, embossing and debossing. The wrap carry cartons are delivered flat for more stacking space and maximum shipping efficiency.

Also known as:   Beer carry packs, Cluster packs

Wrap Carry Carton
Wrap Carry Carton


100% recyclable

Strong, lightweight material

Easy to carry

Available in corrugated or solid board

Supplied flat for more stacking space and reduced cost

Suitable for high-speed erecting machines

Serves as a transport box or as retail-ready packaging



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