Salad Box


Our eco-friendly salad boxes come with a window to allow the display of your delicious cold foods and salads, attracting hungry customers.

Fully customizable in terms of size, structure, and printing and finishing techniques, our salad boxes are sturdily constructed, ensuring they are delivered in perfect condition.

These boxes are approved for direct food contact due to the food grade and grease-resistant wax lining embedded in the inner layer of the packaging. To avoid any possibility of spillage, there are leak-proof webbed corners.

Additional finishing techniques are available for our salad boxes, making them suitable for refrigeration and for packaging wet and oily foods. Our printing techniques include flexographic as well as advanced offset printing.

Salad Box
Salad Box


Eco-alternative to plastic packaging

Fully customizable

Food grade and grease-resistant wax lining

Freezable and suitable for wet and oily foods

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