Lockable Pizza Box


Compact, hygienic, lightweight and secure, this lockable pizza box is the ultimate food delivery packaging solution of these times!

The safe box is easily locked at the restaurant while lying flat on the work table, keeping the customers’ order intact to unlock it themselves.

The box is manufactured in food-safe facilities with the use of a high-grade virgin fiber liner on the inside of the box and an indirect aeration technology that permits the evacuation of steam from the pizza, preventing external dust particles from contaminating the pizza.

Our secure boxes go through our highly accurate flatbed die-cutting for accurate sizes and elimination of paper fines, and can be fully customized with high resolution printing on standard or coated paper to give the best visualization of your brand while on-the-go.

Lockable Pizza Box
Lockable Pizza Box


Standard sizes available

High-resolution printing available

Made from corrugated cardboard

Supplied flat for more storage space and reduced cost

Heat retention properties and indirect aeration ensure product freshness

Easy locking and unlocking technology

Compliant to food safety requirements

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