Energy Drink

Tray Counter Display

Energy Drink

These stackable-tray counter/floor display units are designed to be used as shippers and counter displays at the same time or even floor displays when multiple units are stacked on top of each other. They can be customized in terms of size and printing resolution to showcase your company’s branding.

Designed to sit on retail-store checkout counters and shelves or Island floor space when stacked on top of each others, these corrugated display stands support the impact of your promotions and advertising campaigns, building brand and product awareness in the retail environment, and prompting impulse purchases. These counter displays consist of tiers, pockets or shelved units and are supplied flat with an assembly manual.

Displays can be completed with a removable lightweight unprinted cover in case of retail picking is required.

Tray Counter Display
Tray Counter Display


100% recyclable

Supports brand and product awareness

Supplied flat with an assembly manual

Suitable for both short- and medium-term promotions

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