Dry Food

Multiwall Paper Bags

Dry Food

Multi-wall paper sacks (MWS) used for filling and packing various types of dry and dairy products. Available in different types, such as Open Top and Pasted Bottom, Pinched Bottom, and Valve Top and Pasted Bottom.

These MWS bags preserve freshness, reduce infestation and resist moisture. The sturdy and durable bags come in various sealing modes and effective closure properties.

They have self-sustaining structures for shelving and are suitable for bulk packaging up to 10 to 50 Kg filling capacity. The open mouth paper bags provide easy filling and closing for manual and automated filling modes, and possess a special inner tube for a long shelf-life.



Also known as:   Paper sacks, Valve sacks, Multi-wall paper bags, Open top pasted bottom, Ultrasonic valve bag.

Multiwall Paper Bags
Multiwall Paper Bags


Number of Plies: 2 – 4

Length: 38 – 90 cm

Width: 30 – 53 cm

Side Gusset: 10 – 18 cm

Bag Color & Outer Ply: Brown, White

Filling Capacity: 10 – 50 kg

Printing: Up to 8 colors

Paper Type: ALU CTD, HDPE, LDPE (with or without EVOH properties), PE CTD, PE Sheet, PE Tube


Material Type




Dry Food


Milk Powder



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