Shrink Sleeve


Shrink sleeves are adhesive free labels that offer a fresh new look thanks to 360-degree design coverage, vibrant colors, abrasion, moisture, and chemical resistance, as well as wide compatibility with different bottle shapes.

Special features to be provided are Matt-Glossy printing, UV barrier, promotional combo packs, tamper evidence, full-length zipper holes for easy sorting and recycling.

Shrink Sleeve
Shrink Sleeve


Various Shrink rates that fit any bottle size & shape.
Outstanding print quality and appearance on the shelf.
360-degree design coverage

PVC Shrink Sleeve

Thickness: 40, 45 & 50 µm

PETG Shrink Sleeve

Thickness: 40 µm

Printing: Roto up to 9 colors

Printing: Flexo up to 8 colors

Roll width and OD: Based on customers’ requirements

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