Shelf-ready Packaging with Tear Open


Designed as a secure transit and display case, this shelf-ready box serves both as packaging and as a point-of-sale display unit. This shelf-ready packaging is ready to be placed directly onto shelves in the retail environment and provides maximized strength and stability.

Keeping the production costs down, these shelf display boxes have a tear-tape option for easy refill while maintaining perfect display conditions. Made from either corrugated or solid board, these boxes can be printed with high-quality printing techniques to accommodate all communication materials needed, such as content description, brand name, logo and barcodes.

These boxes reduce shelf replenishment time and optimize stock and shelf-space management.

Shelf-ready Packaging with Tear Open
Shelf-ready Packaging with Tear Open


100% recyclable

Easy to open and store

Strong, lightweight material

Available in corrugated or solid board

Available in standard or high-quality printing techniques

Opening techniques can include a tear-tape or perforation style

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