Sachet and Stick for Confectionery


Confectionery Sachet & Stick is a multi layers composed of three, four layers in roll, has high barrier properties, seal-ability, product protection and opening convenience. It creates excellent moisture and oxygen barriers to improve product shelf life, and preserve taste & aroma.

Made from adhesive lamination or resin extrusion / coating for Plastic film, and can utilize standard or high-quality flexo and roto printing options in up to 9 colors (metallized, gloss or matt versions) to meet your company’s’ requirements and showcase its branding.

Also known as:   Multi-purpose sachets, Sweeteners sachet

Sachet and Stick for Confectionery
Sachet and Stick for Confectionery


Number of Layers: 3 or 4

Thickness: 65 – 85 microns

Roll Width: Up to 1200 mm

Roll Outer Diameter: Up to 500 mm

Printing: Flexo: up to 9 colors
Roto: up to 9 colors

Structures: Pet / PE / Pet Met / PE
Bopp / PE / Bopp Met / PE
Pet / Pet Met / Pe
Bopp / Bopp Met / PE

Material Type




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