Chocolate Foil Wrap


For your portioned chocolate bar, our paper/ foil laminate is well designed exhibiting superior dead-fold and excellent barrier performance by its greaseproof and fat retention as well oxygen & aroma barrier.

Available also as monolayer Aluminum offering an excellent oxygen barrier preserving product’s taste & aroma. can be printed or plain, with or without HSL, pin (damask embossing) or customized embossing pattern.

Also known as:   Chocolate wrappers

Chocolate Foil Wrap
Chocolate Foil Wrap


Thickness: From 55 gsm

Film Width: 50 – 850 mm

Core Inner Diameter: 70, 76, & 120 mm

Core Outer Diameter: 200 – 850 mm

Core Type: Paper or PVC

Main Features: Excellent aroma and light barrier properties
Excellent sealing properties
Excellent tearing propertie

Printing: High-quality nitrocellulose based ink used for printing (rotogravure or flexo technology)
Very high-speed performance

Type of Lamination: Solvent base / less lamination process
Adhesive lamination
Cold Seal

Registered option:  Base on customer requirement

Structures: BOPP

Material Type

Multi-Layer Films


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