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Soft & Hard Bouillon Cube Packaging

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For either soft or hard bouillon cubes, our bouillon wraps preserve the product’s quality, taste and aroma throughout its shelf life.

Paper/ foil laminate is well designed for soft bouillon cubes, exhbiting superior deadfold and excellenet barrier performance by its greaseprofness and fat retention as well oxygen barrier.

Available in pin (damask) embossing or customized embossing patterns. Plastic/ foil laminate is well designed for hard bouillon cubes with superior print quanlity and registered HSL coating for high speed packing.

Also known as:   Stock cube wraps, Bouillon cube wrapper, Stock cube packaging, Bouillon seasoning cubes packaging

Soft & Hard Bouillon Cube Packaging
Soft & Hard Bouillon Cube Packaging


Roll Thickness: Starting from 40 μm

Roll Width: Up to 1000 mm

Roll Outer Diameter: Up to 600 mm

Inner Core Type: Paper; PVC

Inner Core Size: 70; 76; 152 mm

Printing: Flexo: up to 8 colors
Roto: up to 8 colors

Embossing Available with generic or customized pattern

Structure: Alu/Wax/GP Paper
Alu/EAA/GP Paper
Alu/PE/GP Paper

Material Type





Beef Bouillon

Chicken Bouillon

Fish Bouillon

Vegetable Bouillon

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