Carbonized Water

Wrap Around Box

Carbonized Water

Designed for high-speed automated packing lines, our wraparounds, also known as WRAP, are a more cost-effective solution than the regular American boxes.

Intended to pack products into the die-cut blank packaging that is formed around the product, the WRAP ensures structural strength and protects your bottles, jars, cans, etc.

To help promote your company, our corrugated wraps can be fully customized in terms of shape and size, and can utilize standard or high-quality printing techniques to showcase your company’s branding.

When produced with tear strips or perforations, the wraparounds can serve as a retail-ready solution in supermarkets.

Wrap Around Box
Wrap Around Box


100% recyclable

Suitable for high-speed erecting machines

Serves as a transport box or as retail-ready packaging

Supplied flat for more stacking space and reduced cost

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