Fresh Food

Fish Box

Fresh Food

Our fish boxes are designed for takeaway and delivery. They are ideal for delivering hot, fresh fish to your customers. They incorporate a sliding tray that can be used as a serving plate, making it simple for the customer to eat the meal.

Made from solid board, the sturdy structure of the fish box has a one-click smart lock that will ensure the food is protected. The fish boxes comply with international hygiene standards and ensure product freshness throughout the supply chain. The approved food grade paper combination of the packaging prevents grease stains, retains the heat of hot food and absorbs moisture.

Our boxes can be fully customized in terms of shape, with standard or high-quality printing and finishing techniques available to meet your company’s requirements and showcase its branding.

This catering and delivery solution is an eco-alternative to plastic packaging.

Fish Box
Fish Box


Customizable box sizes available

High-quality printing available

Made from solid board

Heat-retention properties and moisture-absorption material ensure product freshness

Prevention of grease stains

Approved for direct food contact

Has an easy handling mechanism

Eco-alternative to plastic packaging

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