Energy Drink

2-side Counter Display

Energy Drink

These two-side counter display units ensure optimum space for your products, and so increased brand visibility. They can be fully customized in terms of shape, size and number of trays and can utilize high-quality printing techniques to showcase your company’s branding.

Designed to sit on retail-store checkout counters and shelves, these corrugated counter display stands help to maximize the impact of your promotions and advertising campaigns, building brand and product awareness in the retail environment, and prompting impulse purchases. These counter displays consist of tiers, pockets or shelved units and are supplied flat with an assembly manual.

Made from corrugated board, these lightweight displays can accommodate several parts, from large, attractive header boards to a variety of shelving and displaying solutions, including leaflet dispensers.

To influence consumer purchasing decisions and meet marketing objectives, our innovation center can work closely with you to develop eye-catching designs.

2-side Counter Display
2-side Counter Display


100% recyclable

Build brand and product awareness

Supplied flat with an assembly manual

Available in various structural designs

Suitable for both short- and long-term promotions

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